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REVIEW: Stalingrad

REVIEW: Stalingrad

Never mind the subtitles.  Never mind the 2 hour and 15 minute running time.  History lovers will get their money’s worth in this  epic story of what’s known as the bloodiest battle in human  history.  The film itself  makes history because it’s Russia’s first ever 3-D on Imax. The visual effects in the battle scenes are impressive. So, yeah.  The 3-D is worth it.

While some may call this film heavy-handed,  that’s exactly what I find  most intriguing : it’s Russia’s  version of this pivotal war battle. Of course it’s proud!!!

Centering on a band of soldiers trying to prevent the Nazi takeover of  their city, the story also plays out as 2 love stories. While the battle scenes are epic, the back stories of the  key players are lacking. Knowing the personalities would have made this a much stronger film.  Still, this one’s worth  a look-see, especially for foreign film, war and history buffs.

2-and-a-half stars.


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